Donnerstag, Juli 05, 2012

Standing here not knowing what i did wrong. You don't want to talk, so okay, i guess i have to handle it this way. Maybe it's better this way. Had to put all our pictures in a box, knowing that in 10 years i will open it again and it will remind me of what we had. But what exactly did we have? Was this seriously a best friend- friendship? As you told me that you don't see any sense in us anymore i started thinking of what i did wrong and realized that i didn't do anything. All i did was listening, laughing, giving you consolation and advice. I didn't talk much about me, i barely talked about what i like or what i do. And even if i did you somehow turned back to your stories. But it didn't annoy me because if it would i would have told you or  would have broke up our friendship. 
I didn't doubt at any second that you were my best friend, i mean, how could i? If this person seriously means something to you you wouldn't do that. But you did and i know why. Cause i annoyed you with my listening, laughing, giving you consolation and advice. And you know what? I don't care. I fucking don't care anymore. Why should i? Cause you were my best friend? Sorry, you kicked me out of your life. And you know what? Live your life, have a good time, i wish you all the best. We won't be forgotten, or at least i won't forget. But being treated like this, like you treated me, just shows how much you care. 
People like this don't deserve me.